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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Most Beautiful Campus Queen 2019

Most Beauutiful campus queen
most beautiful campus queen

Most Beautiful Campus Queen 2019
Who is a queen??... A queen is a leader, a sister, a mother, a friend and a model, a queen is patient, considerate, loving, loyal, tolerant, accommodating, a queen is someone we look up to, whose behavior is worthy of emulation...
A queen is knowing yourself and being yourself so that you can move through life with confidence and a sense of purpose, not with a sense of perfection, but being able to change when needs be, accept corrections and ready to carry people along, these qualities makes Adeleye Ifeoluwa eligible to be the most beautiful campus queen for 2019, not just the good looks she's got, but also a kind heart and brain... Voting starts on the 18th of February, let's all do well to vote for MBCQ112 Adeleye Ifeoluwa, a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Department of arts and social science education, 200l, an indigen of oyo state.. She's the one for the crown of the most beautiful campus queen

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