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Monday, 24 September 2018

OAU Special Electives and Their Basic Facts

Good day OAU Freshers and Stallite
Let's get enlightened on various special electives we have.
As we all know you cannot offer a special elective from your own faculty. Moreover, there are specific electives that you are not allowed to chose.
Below are the electives and some talks on them:
SER 001(use of english) is a compulsory elective which you have to pass.
SEA 001&002: Hosted by the faculty of admin it’s about administration(I don’t really now much but it’s many people’s favorite (at least before the results started having problems) because all you have to do is pay for and attend the field trip. But my friend, once you don’t pay for field trip forget it, you’ve wasted your time
SEO 001, 003, 002 & 004: Faculty of social sciences. It’s about human behaviour.
SEG 001&002: Faculty of agric. It’s also a field trip elective. Same principle as in SEA 001.
SEL 001 & 002: Faculty of law. Man, if you’re the type that likes stress, this is for you. Introduction to law is an elective for which you have to attend classes because there are usually a lot of assignments. But nevertheless, you’ll enjoy the classes. I did the 002, didn’t attend a single class, and I’m not expecting more than 45 despite studying hard for the exam.
SEM 001: I don’t know much about this guy, seems to be from the dept of material science, that’s all I know. But I also know it’s one of those electives for which you simply read the material during exam time, score your 60 or so and leave. Don’t be deceived, it’s not so simple
SEP 001 & 002: ghen ghen, faculty of pharmacy. This elective is not one I would advise you to go for if you don’t have a science background. But truth is that’s what electives are for, to familiarise you with different fields. So as long as you can study hard and attend classes, you’re g2g.

SET 001 & 002: fairly new elective. In fact I’m not sure if there’s 001, I only know about 002. Same rules as SEP. From the faculty of tech.

SES 001 & 002 (I’M NOT URE IF THERE’S 001) From the faculty of science. Please my friend, attend classes and take it like a core course (ESP if you don’t have a science background)
SEH 001 & 002: college of health sciences. Man and his health. Mt favorite elective. Maybe because I didn’t attend a single class yet I scored 86 in the 001, for the 002, I didn’t read a single line of the note, they save me 60, I love them. No field trips, just classes and read the material and you’ll have your best score ever.

SED 001: Faculty of Dentistry. These guys like trouble. 2 hour classes for an elective, but otherwise, they’re cool. Not much of science, I mean not things you can’t cram and remember anyway.
SEE 001 & 002: faculty of education. I don’t know much since I’m not permitted to chose this elective. Not that I would love to if I’m allowed anyway. These guys are one of the most troublesome electives ever. Trust me, you don’t want to miss a single assignment or you’re running a risk of scoring below 40
SER 002: Young man, just one word for you, don’t go near it! This elective is from the faculty of arts, its the history of Africa or so. It’s 4 units and it sticks with you for life. Once you chose it, you’re going nowhere until you pass. It’s the only elective you can carry. And I’ve seen a lot of ’39’ cases, and I know someone who is carrying it for the second time.

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