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Sunday, 22 April 2018

OAU Basic Rules And Regulation Of Hall Of Residence And Specified Date Of Entry

OAU Basic Rules And Regulation Of Hall Of Residence And Specified Date Of Entry
1. Cooking is not allowed in the rooms.
2. Sales of Bed space or transfer from one person to the other is not allowed. Sanctions for breaking this are (i) Compulsory fine of #50,000 (ii) Ejection from the Hall of residence and suspension from the School.
3. Squatters are not allowed this will attract suspension from the School.
4. There should be no defecating or urinating carelessly around the Halls of residence except at designated places.
5. There should be no throwing of refuse carelessly around the Hall- use the Dust Bins provided for such.
6. Visitors are not allowed before/beyond visiting hours and are expected to sign in and out of the Porters’ Lodge.
7. You are expected to keep, read and digest the Students’ Handbook of GENERAL INFORMATION. It is compulsory for all FRESH STUDENTS
8. You are expected not to deface the walls with Posters/Releases/Publications/Adverts etc.
9. Fighting in the Hall or engaging in abusive language is not allowed in the Hall. This will attract expulsion.
10. Expulsion from the University is the sanction for Stealing.
11. No hanging of rags/Shoes/Sponge/ etc. on Louvre-windows.
12. The use of Heavy Electrical appliances (such as cooker, Boiling rings, etc.) is strictly prohibited in Hostel. Anyone who brings it in will be suspended from the School for a Semester.
13. Always show your Hall identity Card at the PORTERS’ LODGE, Refusal to do so will lead to revocation of bed space.
14. You are not permitted to organise or participate in any congress or any gathering organized by any unregistered Association or Approved by Division of Student Affairs. Doing this will lead to loss of Studentship
April 29: Stream 1 - Arts, Social Sciences, Law, Administration and Education
April 30: Stream 2 – Basic Medical Sciences, Dentistry, Sciences, Pharmacy, Technology, Agriculture, Environmental Design and Management.
Parents are to take note of this arrangement. Wishing you safe journey and happy

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