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Monday, 5 March 2018

How My School Principal Romance Me To The Point Of Getting Down On Me.

Have been a very good girl at school and I got mature very fast, I was in ss2 when my school principal called me to his office
Have always noticed that he always finds fault in anything I do compare to all other students, Am a girl with a very huge chest that makes guys always comes to me but I do ignore them
It all happened when my principal called me to his office telling me that I disobey some school rules and I need to be punished, I was like sir I did not know what I did I told him
All what he told me is that when I finish dealing with you,you gonna know what you did.

He told me to lock the door and off my shirts that he wants to beat me without my shirt
I did so remaining my underwear, He told my to remove my underwear also I did so also remaining only my bra.
I told him I can't remove my underwear at first but he slapped me,after removing all this I noticed him staring at my chest but I believe nothing can be done, He told me to turn around and I should hold a chair,I did all that but what I saw next easy him grabbing my boobs and I tried to shout but he said he would beat hell out of me if I tried to shout
He started romancing me till he took off all my wears I was really carried away with the romance.
After completing his mission he started begging me that I should not tarnish his image outside that it was the work of the devil and really begged me to the point of prostrating for me.
What can I do in this situation
Should I report him to the police or forgive him

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